No, not that Surly. This one. I now have an ideal situation where I can bike to work via nothing but bike trails, and it has totally been bliss. I have a bike locker at the office, a shower and a place to keep clothes. I’ve been riding my road bike to work, which has been great but it’s a bit of overkill methinks. I have an 18 mile commute each way from Liz’s place and I think it will be about the same when we all move to into my place in Stapleton. I will be going up the Sand Creek Greenway to the Platte River Trail to the Cherry Creek Trail. Yeah, there are shorter routes but where’s the fun there - I have this itch to join in the Ride the Rockies trip with TW and want to get into shape. I figure that riding a single speed almost 40 miles when I commute and doing some climbs on the weekends will get me into SOME sort of decent shape before 2009, right?

Anyway, I went to Bike Source since it’s on my way home and talked with Joe, the manager. He and Stephen spent a lot of time talking with me about single speeds and decking it out however I wanted. I want to throw some panniers on it because a laptop in a backpack sure gets f’ing heavy on the ride home. I also want to ride it rain or shine and fenders would help out there. They basically said I have one excellent choice - the Surly Cross-Check. It will accept gears or single speed, road tires or MTB tires, etc. It’s the all-around winner for do it all frames from what I can tell. Joe tells me that the steel frame will ride a little better on my commutes and is a little cheaper than aluminum. That’s fine with me since I’m not looking to duplicate the cost of my road bike. I just want something to ride every morning, be able to throw my laptop in and occasionally ride to the store to pick shit up. In other words, an actual COMMUTER bike. Don’t get me wrong, I love my other bike but I get a bit freaked out about leaving it locked up outside. The Surly is totally not flashy and will hopefully not attract a lot of attention.

I’ll post pics when Bike Source is done building it.